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Look At These Beautiful And Haunting Photos Of African Wildlife

"Many of the creatures seen have never been photographed in 'high-definition' before."

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These images, taken by wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), show images of African animals in the Zambezi region of Namibia.

The images were taken using several "camera traps" – a camera set up so that it automatically triggers when an animal walks in front of it.

Burrard-Lucas worked with researcher Lise Hanssen who has been studying the animals in the region for years.

"Most of the pictures are of shy animals that live outside National Parks," Burrard-Lucas told BuzzFeed over email. "In fact, many of the individual creatures shown have never been photographed in 'high definition' before."

"The greatest challenge of all was photographing the lions," Burrard-Lucas wrote in a blog post. "These cats spend much of their time outside the national parks and are extremely shy. Even Lise has never seen them other than on her research cameras. I set up two camera traps near waterholes that the lions sometimes visit. In the three months that my traps were operating, the lions passed by twice, resulting in some very rare shots of these secretive big cats."

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