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    25 Things '00s Indie Kids Will Just Get

    "I take my shoes off / And I throw them in the lake." *literally throws shoes across dancefloor*

    1. Taking a setlist home from a gig was a normal thing to do.

    2. As was keeping every ticket stub and wristband you ever got.

    Keeping every ticket stub & band from every gig or festival I ever went to AND STILL HAVING THEM NOW #indieamnesty

    3. Getting a ticket for a "secret" gig was the second best thing to ever happen.

    Kelly Oakes / BuzzFeed

    4. Obviously the first best thing was getting guestlist.

    Blagged guestlist at Patrick Wolf by handing out Lightspeed Champion's zines. #indieamnesty

    5. You belonged to at least one band's forum, and met up with people from it to go to a gig.

    Kelly Oakes / BuzzFeed

    You are probably still friends with these people today.

    6. You spent a lot of time on MySpace.

    Twitter: @_ESEKnowsBest

    Your profile song was either "Helicopter" by Bloc Party or "Such Great Heights" by the Postal Service. At some point everyone else started moving to Facebook, but you couldn't quite bear to make the transition.

    7. And your profile was meticulously curated.

    Kelly Oakes / BuzzFeed

    At least once you left the house but let a particular band keep playing, to push them up your list.

    8. Storming off the dance floor when a song you didn't like came on was perfectly acceptable.

    Actually, fave indie time was when @tomlamont stormed out a pub and didn't come back when I said I liked a Kaiser Chiefs song #indieamnesty

    9. Sometimes you'd bring out specific dance moves to demonstrate how well you knew your favourite songs.

    I once lobbed my Converses across a dancefloor during the "take my shoes off / & throw them in the lake" bit of Hounds Of Love #indieamnesty

    10. You had weird rules based on bands you liked or disliked.

    11. When a band split up, you tried not to take sides.

    saw both the dirty pretty things and babyshambles live bc i didn't want carl and pete to think i was choosing between them #indieamnesty

    12. You had (and still occasionally bring out) a slightly rubbish anecdote about meeting someone in a band.

    .@radio__caroline confessing her darkest indie sins #indieamnesty

    13. You made some interesting fashion choices.

    Kelly Oakes / BuzzFeed

    Ailbhe Malone / BuzzFeed

    Including, but not limited to: unnecessary belts, obscure band t-shirts, cardigans with everything, and tights with weird patterns.

    14. Your had at least four festival wristbands on at any one time.

    I kept on every festival band I got in the early 00s for way too long! 🙈 #indieamnesty

    15. But would 100% never wear a band t-shirt to a gig where that band were playing.

    I actually bought and wore this t-shirt from a shop in Affleck's Palace in about 2009/10 #indieamnesty

    Unless they were only the support, or it was a very early t-shirt that would mark you out as a true fan.

    16. Badges were a weirdly important part of your identity.

    Kelly Oakes / BuzzFeed
    Kelly Oakes / BuzzFeed

    Even if the NME occasionally declared them "trampy".

    17. There was one band that you and your friends hated for basically no reason.

    Jim Waterson / BuzzFeed

    Unless it was the Kooks, in which case you had good reason because they were actually terrible.

    18. You owned a lot of vinyl, even though MP3s and iPods were already a thing.

    I bought a cassette on vinyl. #RSD #C86 #indieamnesty @TheWolfhounds @weddingpresent @NME @CherryRedGroup

    19. A large part of your time was spent squished into record stores listening to bands play a three song set and then queueing to get their album signed.

    Once met @iLiKETRAiNS at an instore. They complimented me on the Forward Russia 10" I bought. Was far too starstruck to reply. #indieamnesty

    20. And you spent a lot of times on trains travelling to gigs, either in your closest town or further afield.

    Kelly Oakes / BuzzFeed

    And you have the old tickets to prove it.

    21. At least once, you skipped school/uni/work to go to a gig and you still don't regret it to this day.

    I skipped an A-Level Biology practical exam to get a coach to London for Les Incompétents last gig at 100 Club #indieamnesty

    22. You started a fanzine, or at least contemplated it.

    Writing a Bluetones fanzine ... And here's the master copy of issue 1 #indieamnesty

    23. You became convinced that this one band was going to be the Next Big Thing and bought five copies of their debut EP.

    24. And now when you listen back, a lot of the music you liked at the time was actually pretty shit.

    25. But some of it has stood the test of time. And anyway, that was never really the point.

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