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Updated on Aug 17, 2020. Posted on Dec 4, 2014

19 Gifts Only Science Geeks Will Fully Appreciate

Not everyone wants to wash their hands with brain soap.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. This periodic table chopping board.

For chemists who like to cook... periodically.

2. A cross stitch microbe.

Choose from many diseases, including classics like smallpox and cholera, or more everyday illnesses like the common cold.

3. Mini brain soaps.

Perfect for the guest bathroom when your favourite neuroscientist is visiting.

4. A Wine-O-Saur.

For when all those mass extinctions just become too much.

5. An astronomy-themed baby onesie.

Get them started early.

6. A dopamine necklace.

To let someone know how much your dopamine levels spike when you see them.

7. This double helix pendant.

For the person who is the adenine to your thymine.

8. This gold-sprayed dinosaur planter.

Don't question it. Just buy it.

9. This tiny microscope necklace.

For looking at even tinier things.

10. This beautifully illustrated book of science and nature poetry.

The individual poems are available as prints too.

11. This tiny terrarium on a keyring.

Just pop it in shallow water once a month to keep it alive.

12. This t-shirt.

Chemists <3 puns.

13. This caffeine mug.

To fill with their favourite caffeine source.

14. This Einstein necklace.

Show someone that you're on their wavelength.

15. This mantis shrimp necklace.

Pack a powerful punch with this present.

16. This scientifically accurate poster.

Beautiful and useful.

17. This bottle opener.

Everything tastes better with pi.

18. These Hubble lollipops.

They're out of this world.

19. This tote bag.

If you can ignore the scientifically inaccurate representation of an atom, obvs.

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