14 Hopelessly Optimistic Pieces Of Internet Advice From A 1996 Guide

    Before there were hot takes there was "Hot Mail". Quotes from The Rough Guide to the Internet by Angus Kennedy, published in 1996.

    1. This definition of the internet.

    2. And this one.

    3. This endorsement of Hotmail.

    4. This take on online harassment that, if it were still true, would actually be a miracle.

    5. This dubious definition of what counts as a world expert.

    6. Um.

    7. This insight into online advertising.

    8. This sad state of affairs.

    9. This hot take on browsers.

    10. This rosy view of comment threads.

    11. This understatement.

    12. This matter that is no longer just speculation.

    13. This outright lie about email.

    14. This statement that is both right and very, very wrong.

    Text excerpted from version two of The Rough Guide To The Internet by Angus Kennedy, published in 1996.