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Albert Einstein Told Marie Curie To Ignore The Haters In 1911

"Haters gonna hate." —Einstein, pretty much.

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In 1911, Albert Einstein sent a touching letter to Nobel Prize-winning scientist Marie Curie, who was was facing a lot of criticism about her personal life.

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Curie was a widow by this point and had been seeing fellow physicist Paul Langevin. Langevin was married, but separated from his wife.

Einstein, who was yet to receive his own Nobel Prize, had recently met Curie at an invitation-only conference of top physicists in Brussels. Langevin had been at the conference too, and the press appeared to have got hold of letters between him and Curie.

By the time Curie returned home to Sceaux, near Paris, an angry mob had congregated around her home and forced her and her two daughters to take refuge with friends.

If the rabble continues to occupy itself with you, then simply don't read that hogwash, but rather leave it to the reptile for whom it has been fabricated.