24 Rainy Manchester Problems

Bring your brolly.

1. When you check the weather forecast and it looks like this.

2. Every day.

3. You can’t go out on your own balcony without a brolly.

4. Or for a lovely stroll down Deansgate.

5. In fact you may as well just surgically attach one to your hand.

6. And pray that it’s not so windy this happens.

7. If you do get sun, it doesn’t last more than a few minutes.

It was sunny 10 minutes ago, how can it now be raining?! #manchesterproblems

— Dan Cressey (@dancressey)

Its gone from being Sunny to a monsoon in the space of 20 minutes. Oh the tropical climes of Manchester! #PissingItDown

— Shaun Plummer (@SPlummer87)

8. Or everything happens at once and you don’t know whether you should be wearing suncream or a raincoat.

Welcome to tropical Manchester, where sun shines and rain bounces. Be sure to wear suncream so you don't burn while you drown. #storm

— Dan Marsh (@ClaymoreDog)

9. You have to find imaginative ways to dry your shoes after coming in from the rain.

10. And your socks.

I just love knowing by the time I get to work, I'll have to dry my socks under the dryer in the toilet #mancproblems #stayclassy

— Paul Corry (@pcorry76)

11. Eventually you accept that any footwear that isn’t wellies will get ruined.

Definately the wrong shoes to wear in manchester #pissingitdown

— James Daniels (@el_melocoton)

@froovyjosie That's what Market Street is for. CHEAP SHOES. It's Manchester - you can only wear shoes <5 times before the rain kills them!

— Lorrie Hearts (@LorrieHearts)

12. And you’ve basically given up on any hairstyle that’s not “windswept”.

It's impossible to cultivate and wear a proud afro hairstyle in Manchester! My inner Angela Davis spirit is thwarted by endless rain #sponge

— Ruth Ibegbuna (@MsIbegbuna)

13. You start feeling sorry for tourists who didn’t get the memo.

Listening to tourists in Manchester...... "It I'll stop raining soon" ....Mmmm not been before have you! #pissingitdown

— Urban_Savage71 (@Urban_Savage71)

14. But you’re used to it now, so you don’t have too much sympathy.

Some things don't change #Manchester #pissingitdown #mcfc

— Beth Dicken (@xxBeeeexx)

16. This is what you consider summer.

So True #Manchester

— Adam Mills (@Number1Adam)

17. Sometimes this happens.

Well thats something you don't see every day, a half naked man playing the violin on his balcony in the rain! #Manchester #Random

— Anthony Hilton (@TruthfullTony)

18. And this.

Weathers rubbish in #Manchester today :o( Rain with more rain to come..Roll on summer! Stay dry everyone lol

— UKpetcam (@Ukpetcam)

19. Walking down the pavement without being poked in the eye by someone else’s brolly is a challenge.

It's #manchester and it's #rain

— Bingley Life (@bingleylife)

20. You’re constantly looking for things to shelter under.

The rain did not stay away!!! Under a tree for now. #busking #Manchester #fyfeforlife

— Aaron Fyfe (@aaronfyfemusic)

21. Beer gardens become huge puddles.

We've got some special guests making the most of the weather! #manchester #rain #ducks #oasthouse

— The Oast House Mcr (@TheOastHouseMcr)

22. You worry you’re actually starting to like the rain.

I pull into the city, the skies darken, the rain begins. It's good to be back. #Manchester

— Clark Nova (@beatniksalad)

Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, raaaaaain!!!!! #Manchester

— The Lucky Rainbow (@TheLRainbow)

23. You even miss it when you go away.

24. Because, honestly, it feels like home.

It might rain for 360 days of the year and be cold and miserable but there's no place like home. #manchester

— Jefferson (@SchlBoyCouture)

Never change, Manchester.

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Kelly Oakes is science editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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