Chris Hadfield Reveals What Astronauts Wear Underneath Their Spacesuits

It’s nothing like what Sandra Bullock has on in Gravity.

1. Talk show host Conan O’Brian asked astronaut Chris Hadfield how realistic this scene in the movie Gravity is.

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O’Brian suspected that this outfit Sandra Bullock’s character wears after a spacewalk might not be entirely true to life. He was right.

2. But if it was more realistic? Ewww.

Inside our spacesuit we’re wearing like a halloween costume which is a liquid cooling garment, and big boy pull up diapers underneath. You come out, you’ve been sweating in there for eight hours, your hair looks like rat fur.

3. Watch the full clip.

4. Still on the topic of underwear, O’Brian also wanted to know how astronauts wash their clothes.

5. The answer: they don’t.

We just wear our clothes until they wear out and then throw them in the trash. The trash is like a little unmanned resupply ship, and when it gets full we close the hatch, and it undocks and backs away, and falls down into the atmosphere. So your dirty laundry gets incinerated in the atmosphere.

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Kelly Oakes is science editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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