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    18 Jokes That Are Way Too Real For Women In Science

    "I fell in love with the microcentrifuge... typical woman in the lab."

    1. When you spend so much time working you see science everywhere.

    Beyonce look like the rough endoplasmic reticulum with ribosomes attached to it

    2. When someone implies women are too emotional to do science.

    I'm really glad that Curie managed to take a break from crying to discover radium and polonium #distractinglysexy

    3. And that, being an emotional woman, you might accidentally fall in love at work.

    I fell in love with the microcentrifuge... typical woman in the lab. #DistractinglySexy

    4. When you want to even the score.

    More ladies should leave internet comments on men's accomplishments like "he sucks as an astronaut but i'd sit on his face"

    5. When you're the only woman at a conference dinner.

    every single party where women listen interestedly to men is an extended piece of performance art, and men have NO IDEA

    6. When you're trying to talk about work with a female colleague.

    *two women having a conversation* Man:

    7. When you don't live up to people's expectations.

    8. When you decide to have a little fun with people who underestimate you.

    @voldemortsbicep i'm so sorry but this was truly perfect

    9. When people find it hard to believe you're the professor.

    I hope the professor eventually shows up. I am in my office. I'm the professor.

    10. When you get a chance to use the perfect, science-based Tinder response.

    I don't think the IRB would approve of your crap, sir. 💁🏻 @Grad_SchoolProb #gradschoolprobs #doyouevenresearch

    11. When you have to invent new science to deal with terrible people.

    12. When there are not enough 😒 emojis in the world.

    I'm guessing Richard Davies knows best what it's like being a woman in science.

    13. But you have to hold your tongue because you don't have a permanent job.

    When you want to angrily tweet about academia but you don't have tenure let alone a job #phdproblems

    14. When you're having a bad day and start doubting yourself.

    15. When you feel like giving up.

    I'm just going to tell people I moved to California for a sugar daddy because apparently I don't look like a scientist.

    16. But then you remember all the work you put in to get where you are.

    17. And all the women who paved the way before you.

    18. And then, sometimes, you just can't hold in your snark any more.

    scientist: "does everyone here know what Watson and Crick discovered?" me from back of room: "Rosalind Franklin's notes"