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26 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning In Manchester

"All right our kid."

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8. "Supper."

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What it usually means: Evening meal, if you went to private school or think you're a bit posh.

What it means in Manchester: A piece of toast you eat before bed. Maybe some cheese and crackers if you've got some left over from Christmas.


12. "Well."


What it usually means: Good or satisfactory, or a structure created by digging to access water.

What it means in Manchester: Extremely. Typically used with "bad", e.g., "Those trainers are well bad."


13. "Proper."


What it usually means: Something that's suitable or appropriate, e.g., "The proper tools for the job."

What it means in Manchester: An intensifier, e.g., "It's proper chucking it down out there."


21. "Mint."

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What it usually means: An aromatic herb used to flavour food and drinks, or a peppermint-flavoured sweet.

What it means in Manchester: Good, e.g., "That New Order gig at Jodrell Bank was proper mint."