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21 Photos People Who Skipped Science Won't Understand

Bunsen burners, cornstarch, and way more potatoes than you'd think.

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1. Putting a blob of boring ink on some paper and watching it turn into a beautiful rainbow.

Instagram: @logikblok

2. Creating life from just a bean and a damp paper towel in a jar.

3. Setting magnesium on fire and creating the brightest light known to man.

Capt. John Yossarian /

4. Opening a Bunsen burner all the way up and feeling like such a rebel.

Arthur Jan FijaƂkowski /

5. Throwing a quadrat as far as you could and then spending half an hour counting blades of grass.

Yohan euan o4 / CC /

6. Being mesmerised by the pretty colours during a flame test.

Instagram: @cat

7. Getting a TI-83 calculator to do entirely unscientific things.

Instagram: @suckerpunchsoap

8. Rushing to be first in the queue for this, or standing well back because you didn't want to mess up your hair.

Flickr: discoverscience / Creative Commons

10. Sucking the straw on an insect pooter and praying you don't end up with a fly in your mouth.

Flickr: rachel_s / Creative Commons

11. Never being able to remember what the colours mean on a litmus test.

Instagram: @eni_meni_miny_mosichuk

12. The number of eggs that lost their lives in egg drop experiments.

Instagram: @mossunn

RIP eggs, we salute your sacrifice in the name of education.

13. Trying really hard to push the south poles of two magnets together.

14. Then using the magnets to make cool patterns with iron filings.

Flickr: mattyiptong / Creative Commons

15. Getting through an untold number of crocodile clips during electronics.

Flickr: 37996583811@N01 / Creative Commons

16. Being excited but also a bit terrified on liquid nitrogen day.

17. Making a dog instead of a water molecule or whatever you were supposed to be doing.

Instagram: @xbgilx

18. Ruining perfectly good potatoes just to check for starch.

Obviously it contains starch, it's a potato.

19. Using 90% of the dry ice to create a spooky effect on the lab bench and 10% for the experiment you were actually supposed to be doing.

20. Putting your hand in this magical gloop.

Instagram: @nicole_hennink

21. And finally, trying to get electricity from a potato.

When they say potato make electricity