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21 Photos People Who Skipped Science Won't Understand

Bunsen burners, cornstarch, and way more potatoes than you'd think.

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1. Putting a blob of boring ink on some paper and watching it turn into a beautiful rainbow.

Instagram: @logikblok

6. Being mesmerised by the pretty colours during a flame test.

Instagram: @cat

7. Getting a TI-83 calculator to do entirely unscientific things.

Instagram: @suckerpunchsoap

11. Never being able to remember what the colours mean on a litmus test.

Instagram: @eni_meni_miny_mosichuk

12. The number of eggs that lost their lives in egg drop experiments.

Instagram: @mossunn

RIP eggs, we salute your sacrifice in the name of education.


17. Making a dog instead of a water molecule or whatever you were supposed to be doing.

Instagram: @xbgilx

18. Ruining perfectly good potatoes just to check for starch.

Obviously it contains starch, it's a potato.

20. Putting your hand in this magical gloop.

Instagram: @nicole_hennink

21. And finally, trying to get electricity from a potato.

When they say potato make electricity