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    A Bronze Age Wheel Has Been Unearthed In Britain

    It's believed to be the earliest and largest complete wheel of its kind.

    A wheel dating from between 1,100 and 800 BC and measuring one metre across has been unearthed at Must Farm near Peterborough in Cambridgeshire.

    Joe Giddens / PA WIRE

    It's believed to be the earliest complete Bronze Age wheel ever found in Britain. A partial wheel found in the 1990s dating from 1300 BC pips it to the oldest title, but the new wheel is bigger and more complete.

    Joe Giddens / PA WIRE

    The wheel is in such good condition that it still contains its hub.

    Joe Giddens / PA WIRE

    The dig site where the wheel was found sits across an ancient waterway, and has produced plenty of other interesting finds in its time.

    Joe Giddens / PA WIRE

    According to Historic England, before the wheel discovery, it had already taught us a lot about domestic life 3,000 years ago:

    [The site] has already revealed circular wooden houses believed to be the best-preserved Bronze Age dwellings ever found in Britain. The large wheel was unearthed just a few metres away from the largest round house on the site. Other exciting finds include a wooden platter, small wooden box and rare small bowls and jars with food remains inside, as well as exceptional textiles and Bronze Age tools. The houses collapsed into a river, after a catastrophic fire, which preserved their contents in amazing detail.

    “This site is one of continuing surprise, but if you had asked me, a perfectly preserved wheel is the last thing I would have expected to find,” the archaeological site director Mark Knight told the Guardian.

    Joe Giddens / PA WIRE

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