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    7 Beautiful Timelapse GIFs That Show Coral Is Alive

    Step inside this unseen underwater world.

    Dr Pim Bongaerts of University of Queensland's Global Change Institute has documented the hidden life of coral with some amazing timelapse videos.

    Coral is a living thing, but usually its movements happen too slowly for us to notice. By creating timelapses and speeding them up Bongaerts gives us a glimpse into a usually unseen world.

    1. Mushroom coral excavating itself from sediment.

    2. The tide rising above coral reef flats.

    3. Plating coral removing some sediment from itself.

    4. Mushroom coral just doing its thing.

    5. And then flipping itself over.

    6. A nudibranch moving around the coral reef.

    7. Organ pipe coral extending its polyps.

    h/t BBC News