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    32 Mesmerising GIFs That Will Make You Fall In Love With Science

    The world in all its explosive, magnetic, and melting glory. Warning: You won't be able to stop staring at some of these.

    1. Setting fire to Lithium.

    2. A snowflake forms.

    3. A magnet falls through a copper pipe.

    4. Concentrated sulphuric acid is added to p-nitroaniline, and this happens.

    Explanation with the video.

    5. A rainbow forms in an Icelandic waterfall.

    6. A white blood cell chases and engulfs this bacteria.

    Make sure you watch to the end.

    7. Luminol reacts with oxygen.

    8. Liquid nitrogen + ping pong balls = endless fun.

    9. Earth's ice and vegetation cycle over a year.

    Based on images from NASA's Visible Earth team.

    10. A piece of metal is melted inside an electromagnet.

    This one takes a while but is worth the wait.

    11. A mimic octopus stops mimicking the ocean floor.

    12. Smoke from a candle is set on fire.

    13. A loop of plasma four times the size of the Earth erupts from the Sun.

    14. A gallium spoon melts in hot water.

    15. Hydrogen peroxide mixed with potassium iodide.

    Makes something known as elephant's toothpaste.

    16. Flammable fluid in a glass jar.

    17. A firework exploding in slow motion.

    18. Ferrofluid in a glass bottle.

    19. And magnetic putty swallowing a metal cube whole.

    20. Ferrofluid forming into Christmas trees.

    21. A superconductor levitates over a magnetic track.

    It's called the Meissner effect. Explanation in this video.

    22. Seed pods exploding.

    23. Sodium polyacrylate + water = artificial snow!

    24. A slinky falls in slow motion.

    25. Water is deflected with a charged rod.

    26. The Elephant's Trunk nebula in 3D.

    J-P Metsavainio /

    More nebula images here.

    27. Tracking a jellyfish's movements with green dye.

    28. Supercooled water freezes on contact with ice.

    29. Sulphur hexaflouride is much denser than air.

    Don't try this one at home: sulphur hexaflouride is almost 24,000 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas.

    30. Iron reacts with copper sulphate.

    31. Iodine clock reaction.

    32. A carnation frozen in liquid nitrogen is hit by a hammer.

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