17 Terrifying X-Rays That Will Forever Change The Way You Look At Animals

    Did you know penguins have knees?!

    1. Cats would look so odd if they didn't have ears.

    2. Moles have claws BIGGER THAN THEIR FACE.

    3. Frogs have freakily long toes.

    4. Bats... ok, bats are still quite creepy.

    5. Chameleons are not always that good at blending in.

    6. A duck's beak is basically its whole head.

    7. Rays are actually much more complicated than their smooth exterior suggests.

    8. You do not want to mess with a sawfish.

    9. Monkeys are scarily human.

    10. Goldfish have bones in their fins.

    11. A chicken's legs are really quite long.

    12. Porcupinefish are extremely spiky.

    13. Seahorses are pretty damn cool.

    14. Lizards are basically just one long spine.

    15. So are dachshunds.

    16. This is how a diving bird makes itself streamlined.

    17. And of course penguins have knees.

    No, they really do.