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12 Mind-Bending Facts About Your Brain


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5. Older brains aren't slower because they're weaker, but because they hold more information.


A recent paper in the journal Topics in Cognitive Science found that it might be older people's experience, rather than cognitive decline, that means their brains are sometimes slower than a younger person's.

7. You yawn when someone else does because of something called mirror neurons (probably).


In fact, just reading that sentence probably made you want to yawn. Mirror neurons are brain cells that activate when you see someone do something, as well as when you do that action yourself, and scientists suspect they might have something to do with contagious yawning.


10. Your brain can't feel pain.

Bernadett Szabo / Reuters

Which is why surgeons can perform brain surgery when a person is awake. It's because your brain doesn't have any brain cells called nociceptors, which send signals to the brain and spinal cord if they encounter damaging stimuli.

11. The brain keeps developing well into your 20s and even 30s.

Scientists used to think your brain was fully developed at some point during your teenage years, but now it seems that doesn't happen until much later. As it matures your brain "reorganises" itself, meaning you think in different ways as you get older.