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What’s The Worst Way Someone Ever Broke Up With You?

We've all been there.

Getting dumped is no fun, especially in 2019, when there are so many ways for it to go down. In person, over text, via Skype...the possibilities are endless!

We want to hear about the most painful, ridiculous, or just plain dumb way someone has ever broken up with you.

Maybe they suddenly dumped you over FaceTime while you were at brunch with all of your friends.

Maybe they didn't even use words to end things, but instead just straight up made out with someone else in front of you.

Or maybe they gave you the bad news on your birthday, or Valentine's Day, or during Thanksgiving dinner in front of your whole family.

Whatever your worst breakup story is, we want to hear it. Tell us your story in the comments for a chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!