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Which Teen Drama Character Was So Bad, They Almost Made You Stop Watching The Show Entirely?

You're kinda not invited...

Let's be honest: No matter how fun teen dramas are to watch, we all have that one character that just really gets on our nerves.

Sometimes, a teen drama character is so bad, they ruin every single scene they're in. Maybe they even ruin the whole show. They're THAT awful.

So, we want to know: Which teen drama character was so bad, they almost ruined the show for you entirely?

Maybe you couldn't stand how Lucas constantly cheated on his girlfriends on One Tree Hill. Maybe you found him pretentious and whiny and were secretly relieved when he left the show.

Perhaps you felt like Malick was only introduced to mess things up between Omar and Ander on Elite and that his whole character was just poorly written and unnecessary.

Maybe you couldn't stand Tristan on Degrassi because you thought he was self-absorbed and rude and never took responsibility for anything.

Tell us which teen drama character you can't stand and why! Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.