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Tell Us Which "Degrassi" Moments Were Absolutely Heartbreaking

Obviously, that J.T. moment is a given.

You know the teen drama Degrassi.

Season 14 cast

The series is iconic for lots of reasons — one of them being that it wasn't afraid to get really heavy, sad, or dark at times.

Liberty finds J.T. after he's stabbed

So we want to know: Which Degrassi moments were absolutely heartbreaking?

Frankie Shay and Lola crying after bus crash

Maybe you were really affected by the episode "Time Stands Still" because it was one of the first times a school shooting was portrayed on TV.

Rick about to shoot Jimmy

Perhaps you were completely crushed when Campbell died in Season 12 because it was so jarring, and it was heartbreaking to watch everyone cope.

Maya and Cam before his death

Maybe you cried when Liberty and J.T. made the tough decision to place their son for adoption, despite it being really hard for both of them.

Liberty holds her son

Or maybe Maya's suicide attempt in Next Class really stuck with you because it was so dark and difficult to watch.

Esme finds Maya overdosing on the roof

Tell us which Degrassi moment absolutely broke you, and WHY it made you so emotional. Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!