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Tell Us What Teen Drama TV Couples Should Have Ended Up Together, But Didn't

Are you still upset about Miles and Lola from Degrassi or are you normal?

As a teen drama enthusiast, I tend to get pretty invested in my favorite TV couples. There's nothing more satisfying than watching my ships get their happy endings.

But sometimes, despite how much we want them to end up together, our favorite TV couples just don't get their happily ever afters.

So, we want to know: What teen drama couples SHOULD have ended up together, but didn't?

Clarke and Lexa from "The 100"

Maybe you thought Maya was Emily's best girlfriend on Pretty Little Liars and were furious when the writers killed her off. Maybe a part of you was always secretly hoping Maya would magically return and she and Emily would ride off into the sunset together.

Maybe you liked Miles and Lola on Degrassi: Next Class WAY better than Miles and Tristan. Maybe you thought it was a crime their relationship was cut so short when they made each other so happy and were so good for each other.

Maybe you're still upset that Peyton and Jake didn't end up together on One Tree Hill because you thought they had a million times more chemistry than Lucas and Peyton.

Peyton says she can't be without Jake, he says she's made for better

Maybe you were really rooting for Alex and Zach on 13 Reasons Why even though they never officially got together. Maybe you wanted them to end up together and were bummed the writers never fully explored their potential.

Tell us about your favorite non-endgame teen drama TV couple and why they should have ended up together. Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!