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What TV Friendship Do You Love But Not Enough People Talk About?

We don't talk enough about Brooke and Haley.

There are lots of amazing friendships on TV that we all know and love.


But is there a TV friendship you think is super amazing that not enough people talk about?


Maybe you love Jim and Dwight's frenemy relationship on The Office, but think Dwight and Pam's friendship deserves more love.


Maybe you thought Brooke and Haley were way better friends to each other on One Tree Hill than Peyton and Brooke.

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Maybe there's just something really special to you about the forever bond between Guzmán, Ander, and Polo despite their messed up history on Elite.


Tell us in the comments what underrated TV friendship you absolutely love and what makes them so special to you! Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!

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