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    Just 16 Weird, Wacky, And Wonderful Tumblr Posts

    *Sits in the dark and reads these under my covers* hehe

    1. This interesting way of looking at ice cream:

    2. This unfortunate misunderstanding:

    3. This light bulb realization:

    4. This post that could be interpreted many different ways:

    5. This stone-cold fact:

    6. This unsettling thought:

    7. This post that really came full circle:

    8. This incredibly upsetting but not incorrect summary:

    9. This epic email exchange:

    10. This episode we really need to talk about more:

    11. This post I wish I could unread:

    12. This image I absolutely can't stop laughing at for some reason:

    13. This very heated showdown:

    14. This hip new term for Grandpa:

    15. This very polite cat:

    16. And finally, this brilliant idea: