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    15 "Unsolved Mysteries" Tweets For Everyone Frustrated That The Mysteries Are, In Fact, Unsolved

    *grabs detective hat*

    The new volume of Unsolved Mysteries has finally arrived on Netflix just in time for spooky season! I, for one, couldn't be more excited to yell at my TV every time the unsolved cases turn out to be unsolved.

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    Here are 15 extremely accurate tweets for everyone who's already binged the new season:

    🚨 Spoilers ahead!🚨


    Live footage of me trying to solve every case on #unsolvedmysteries after binge watching the new season in one day.


    Me: Puts on a show called Unsolved Mysteries Also me: Is upset that the mysteries are unsolved


    #Unsolvedmysteries People on Twitter: There is no way you can check into an expensive hotel and not show your ID. Then explain this:


    unsolved mysteries vol 2 ep5 “lady in the lake”: me, a The Haunting of Bly Manor stan:


    me immediately doing research and acting like i’m gonna solve the case when the episode ends even though trained professionals have been trying to for years #UnsolvedMysteries


    me phoning the police to tell them all my theories about each case #UnsolvedMysteries


    me every time at the end of an episode of unsolved mysteries and they say the mystery is still unsolved


    Me: trying to figure out where I’ve seen Lester Eubanks before #UnsolvedMysteries


    going on twitter after watching one episode of #UnsolvedMysteries to find out who we think the killer is


    Watching Unsolved Mysteries...why do people who tell you they’ve seen aliens and UFO’s always look like people who would absolutely tell you that they have seen Aliens and UFO’s?


    me shaking my ass to the Unsolved Mysteries theme song


    me in bed at night trying to solve every episode of unsolved mysteries


    I need answers on the Jennifer Fairgate case from Unsolved Mysteries before I die, preferably today


    Me being shocked that all the cases are unsolved even though it’s literally in the title #UnsolvedMysteries


    Watching the new episodes of #UnsolvedMysteries to relax, cause 2020

    Have you watched the new episodes? Got any theories you're dying to share? Tell us in the comments!

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