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    18 Tweets Looking Back At The Weirdness That Was High School

    Why WAS attendance ever that serious?


    We really had tardy sweeps with music in high school that made kids run so they weren’t late to class... lmao wtf


    why was attendance ever that serious in highschool


    I can’t believe I used to think I was ugly in high school because boys who wore shorts in the winter and had a 2.5 gpa didn’t like me


    wow little high school me was rly out there running a mile in PE all the time? if you actually asked me to put on a gym uniform and run a mile today I would straight up puke on you


    asb kids after putting up one poster with half the words spelled wrong


    I can’t believe school used to start before 9am and I actually WENT


    I still have no clue how I went to all my highschool dances sober. I really stood there sweating my ass off in a hot gym shoulder to shoulder with my friends listening to shitty music while dry humping someone’s daughter all while our teachers watched us. Lol what the hell.


    when i was in high school i compulsively studied the popular girls to try to figure out how to be popular. i set up an interview with one to ask her what she & the other popular girls talk about. and now that i’m older and wiser i just wanna say: i stand by my direct methods tbh


    I’m sick of coffee I want whatever theater kids consumed that made them act like that at 8am


    wish I'd played sports in high school so I could post a sick Instagram of me and the boys in our uniforms 7 years later with the caption "I'd give anything to be back on the field with my brothers"


    All sitting parades in highschool had me like this


    I can’t believe I was that bitch that wore makeup EVERYDAY in high school . Tf was wrong w me


    y’all used to cry on the last day of school I ain’t forget LMAO


    me: high school girl going to a football game: ⚫️ 🔴 🔴 ⚫️ 🔴 ⚫️ 👁 🔴 👁 ⚫️ ⚫️ 🔴 🔴 ⚫️


    You gotta date bitches who took AP classes in HS. They know how to respond to all parts of a text message


    High school parties on movies are so fake. Like who really had a party in a mansion or at a big fancy pool with everyone dancing? Every party I went to was either a bonfire in Timmy's field or a throw down in Bobby's shop.


    when i was in high school and a celebrity went to prom with a fan i would be like “wow that’s so cool” but now i’m like what kind of fucking saint do u have to be to go back to a high school prom


    I can’t believe i was ever in high school at a point in my life. that just doesn’t seem like something I’d do

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