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    16 Tumblr Posts About Frogs That Honestly Saved My Mental Health This Week

    I don't want to do my taxes, I want to be a frog.

    1. First, this frog-tastic observation:

    2. This stance I can 1000% get behind:

    3. This very relatable tale:

    4. This ominous post that just can't be read as not ominous:

    5. This unreliable, but correct narrator:

    6. This accurate translation:

    7. This wholesome photoset that brought tears to my eyes:

    8. This wonderful experience:

    9. This show that I would ABSOLUTELY watch:

    10. This story that's honestly just a whole mood:

    11. This live look at my attention span:

    12. This convenient loophole:

    13. This post that hits a little too close to home for me personally:

    14. This horrifying, yet amusing visual:

    15. This movement that absolutely needs to happen:

    16. And finally, this wonderful, wonderful concept: