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    27 Things That Are Common In TV And Movies, But Would Make No Sense In The Real World

    "Honey, I climbed on the roof to prove my love to you."

    So, I am a huge TV and movies person. There's nothing I love more than ignoring my responsibilities to focus on fictional characters' imaginary lives.

    The great thing about TV and movies is that they're an escape from reality. However, sometimes I watch something and go, "Wait a minute, this isn't at ALL how it works in real life!"

    Rick Dalton in "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood"

    Recently, Reddit user u/Itchy-Ingenuity6833 asked: "What’s something that’s always wrongly depicted in movies and TV shows?" As usual, the question generated a lot of really interesting responses! Here are some of the best:

    1. "Basically any kind of legal proceeding, but jury trials especially. The thing is that trials tend to be pretty boring and move slowly in reality. And they rarely have the kind of dramatic moments portrayed in movies. Also, most screenwriters don’t know basic facts about procedure, rules of evidence, etc. As a lawyer, I can barely watch shows or movies about legal cases. The unrealistic portrayals always ruin it for me. But it’s a joy on the rare occasion when it’s done right."

    A court hearing

    2. "Teens not getting carded or being denied by bouncers at the club. When I watched Gossip Girl for the first time, I was shocked they were still in high school."

    Chuck Bass in "Gossip Girl"

    3. "An instant neck-breaking kill."

    A man choking a woman

    "Paramedic here. To break a neck, you would have to put 100% of your victim's weight with your arms alone, and even then, you will not be guaranteed an instant, silent death. You have greater chances to just make someone tetraplegic, and they will scream the whole time. An instant neck breaking kill is achieved by twisting the brain stem beyond all reparations OR sending vertebrae fragments into it (anything short from a car accident or fighting a gorilla is unlikely to do that). About 9 times out of 10, you will most likely just damage the spinal cord."

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    The CW / Via

    4. "Any relationship in a romantic comedy would be classified as stalking or harassment in the real world."

    A man holding a sign to a woman saying, "To me, you are perfect"

    5. "The speed at which police forensics can take place. They solve things in minutes that really take days or weeks or months."

    A police officer

    6. "The sound usually used for an eagle call in movies is actually the call of a red-tailed hawk. Eagles just don't sound majestic enough, so they did the ol' switcheroo."

    A hawk

    7. "Childbirth. A lot of times, the water doesn’t break on its own. And labor and delivery take more than a frantic 30 minutes."

    A woman holding her newborn baby

    8. "Armor. It's slowly getting better, but you still get fight scenes were a dude cuts through someone's armor or helmet with a sword slash as if it were a pillow case. In reality, virtually all armor was effective against sword slashes — even gambesons, which were made from layered cloth. You can look up and find examples of people slashing iron chain mail with a steel katana and leaving only a faint scratch on the rings. Plate armor, like the classic knight's suit of armor, was nearly invincible. You couldn't cut or stab through it with anything.

    Screen shot from "The Duel"

    9. "It always bothers me how long people look over at their passenger when driving. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD."

    A man looking at a passenger while driving

    10. "HVAC ducts are not strong enough to hold a human! They are made to hold air. Yes, you can climb in/stand on some ducts. Some are big and strong enough. But these are exceptions, not the rule. While movies portray otherwise, you can’t enter the HVAC system at one point and expect to get anywhere you want in the building; you must enter the right zone. And even then, you won’t get much further than the main duct (which is probably located over a hallway), and you most likely will not be able to reach specific rooms."

    People crawling through an air duct

    11. "When their entire family or friend group dies, but then [the character is] absolutely fine after a minute or two and just moves on."

    A man saying, "Can we get pizza?"

    12. "In almost every film or television show depicting military combat in the 18th century (think the American Revolution or the Seven Years' War), the soldiers wear their cocked hats (tricorn hats) facing forward. In reality, the hats were worn at an angle because if you had to turn your head while shouldering your rifle or musket, it would end up hitting your headwear out of place had they been worn facing forward."

    Mel Gibson in "The Patriot"

    13. "How absolutely loud gunfire is, especially in enclosed spaces.

    A woman holding a gun

    14. "Cancer treatment. The person always has a completely bald head (no discoloration because that part of the head has almost never seen the sun), but still have their perfectly done eyebrows. Or else they have no eyebrows, and they always have their eyelashes. Chemo causes hair to fall out EVERYWHERE, but how many actors are going to let makeup get rid of their eyelashes?"

    A bald man

    15. "Knocking someone out/head injuries. If a person were bonked on the head and knocked out, they would 100% need to go to a hospital."

    16. "Playing instruments. They hold them upside down, on the wrong side, hands aren’t even close to being on the right keys/holes. Horrific fake bowing on strings, and terrible fake guitar strumming. Being able to learn an instrument instantly, etc."

    Archie playing guitar

    17. "There's this constant portrayal of people with mental illness having a 'breakthrough' after one session of therapy and suddenly being cured, and that is just so f*cking wrong and frustrating to see."

    A girl embracing a guy and smiling

    18. "Most drugs would fall into this category, but I would say weed would be the best example. They make it seem as if the character just took DMT whenever someone smokes weed."

    A woman crying when her son says, "The joint is mine"

    19. "Breakfast: [They take] a sip of orange juice and bite of toast and go, 'Oh, look at the time — gotta go.'"

    Screen shot from "Ginny & Georgia"

    20. "Every time someone knocks on a door or rings a doorbell, they only wait half a second before knocking or ringing again. And then the person usually answers as quickly as if they'd been literally posted behind the door to receive guests. No one wants to watch a guy stand there for 30 seconds as someone comes to the door, but they could at least skip that with a camera cut instead of the silly frantic knocking and insta-answers."

    Noah Centineo and Lana Condor

    21. "You don’t have to wait 24 hours to report someone missing."

    Screen shot from "Stranger Things"

    22. "High school social groups. As a high school teacher, I can assure you the jocks don’t all wear letter jackets and stand in a circle and beat up the 'nerds.' There’s no specific rebellious group of kids smoking cigarettes in the bathroom. ... Kids who play sports also are in math clubs and in band. Kids who love theater and drama can be cool. Nobody uses their locker anymore. And high schoolers look like teenagers, not like 30-year-olds."

    A group of teens looking at a guy's phone

    23. "Hacking. I always laugh at the keyboard mashing. I think NCIS was the worst offender for that — one episode had two people using the same keyboard. I'm sorry, what?"

    Screen shot from "NCIS"

    24. "Cars don't actually blow up. ... They might catch fire or smoke, but they won't make a huge explosion."

    A car exploding

    25. "Performing CPR after someone drowned, and them mystically becoming completely fine after spitting some water. In real life, even after you resuscitate them, you still need to call emergency services. The inside of their lungs is still covered in liquid, which causes problems, and the high-low pressure of losing quantity inside their lungs could make them collapse."

    Screen shot from "Baywatch"

    26. "Drinking coffee! They always have empty cups, and it's so obvious, from the way they carry the cups to the way they sip."

    Lorelai drinking coffee

    27. And finally: "Spare time. When do these people work, and where does the money come from???"

    Screen shot from "How I Met Your Mother"