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Sorry, But It's Physically Impossible Not To Laugh At These 37 Ridiculously Petty Signs

"Please lower your expectations."

1. This sign that should be hung on every playground and skate park:

2. This A+ addition:

3. At least they're self-aware:

4. This glowing recommendation: 

5. A very reasonable request:

6. My new life motto:

7. Seems pretty logical:

8. Please stop asking them:

9. Goofy does not have time for your tears:

10. This barista I feel really bad for:

11. This sign straight out of Netflix's You:

12. This policy I personally disagree with:

13. A true hero:

14. Not technically a sign, but this menu made me feel personally attacked:

15. Don't even think about it:

16. This sign that deserves a goddamn award:

17. Seems like a bargain:

18. This lab that keeps it real:

19. Just a total coincidence: 

20. P-p-please keep it that way:

21. This teacher who I do not blame one bit:

22. This sign that needs to be on every highway:

23. The casual shade:

24. At least they're honest:

25. Someone really needs to find out the backstory for this:

26. I, for one, would have let them keep this sign up:

27. The truth hurts, literally:

28. Seems like a lot of expectations:

29. This sign that almost made me spit out my coffee: 

30. I am here for this trend of fast-food places being petty to one another:

31. As an American, I don't disagree:

32. This very savage sister:

33. You know what? Maybe I'll just use my hotspot:

34. Abby...Abby, please:

35. Well...ouch:

36. This message that made me giggle:

37. And finally, this very specific callout:

H/T: r/funnysigns