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People Who Went To Strict Or Religious Colleges, We Want To Hear Your Stories

Tell us the real deal about those honor codes.

Even though it's supposed to be a serious step in your education, let's be real: College is also often associated with not-so-scholarly things. Freedom, partying, hookups, Greek life...the list goes on.

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However, definitely not everyone's college experience is like Animal House or The House Bunny. This is probably especially true if you went to a college with strict rules.

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As someone who attended a state school where every single dorm smelled like weed, I'm curious: If you went to a strict and/or religious college, what was your experience like?

For instance, did everyone actually follow the rules? Would your roommate cover for you if you were late for curfew, or would they definitely rat you out?

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If there was a code of conduct, what was the most ridiculous rule? Were you ever caught violating any policies? If so, what happened?

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Maybe you went to a religious school, but you didn't practice that religion yourself. What was the environment like for you? Did you feel welcomed, or did you struggle to find your place?

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Tell us in the comments what it was REALLY like attending a strict and/or religious college. Or, if you want to remain anonymous, use this form. Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!