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    Shenae Grimes-Beech Posted A Super Cute Pic Of Her And Matt Lanter And I'm Shipping Lannie Like It's 2010

    Lannie forever!

    One of my biggest ships as a TV-obsessed teenager was Liam and Annie from 90210.

    So, you can imagine my utter JOY when Shenae Grimes-Beech blessed my Instagram timeline with a little reunion between her and Matt Lanter on Wednesday.

    "I was tempted to write a heartfelt caption about how nice it is to have a little sense of comfort in our new hometown knowing @mattlanter and @angelalanter are nearby," Shenae wrote. "But I don’t want to say a bunch of mushy things about Matt that I know would make him blush internally while shrugging with a charming crooked smile and saying 'awww' externally."

    "So instead I’ll just say, Lannie forever," Shenae wrote.

    Matt also posted a super cute pic of them and captioned it, "We did a thing. Stay tuned."

    My Lannie heart is so happy!!!!