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    Updated on Aug 11, 2020. Posted on Aug 8, 2020

    14 "The O.C." Moments That Prove Ryan Was Actually Really Funny

    "Did you guys hear Ryan's funny now?"

    It's been 17 whole years since the iconic teen drama The O.C. premiered!

    the "core four" characters

    Although I adore Seth Cohen and his sense of humor, I think it's time we recognized another character on the show who's actually pretty dang funny: Ryan Atwood.

    Ryan making a funny face at the dinner table

    Yes, this guy. Believe it or not, he had some pretty great lines. Dare I say, I think he was actually funnier than Seth sometimes.


    Here are 14 times Ryan proved he was actually hilarious:

    1. First, when he absolutely OWNED Luke:

    Ryan punches Luke: "you know what I like about rich kids? nothing"

    2. When he rightfully roasted Seth for messing with both Summer and Anna:

    Ryan: "maybe you've got the Summer flu, maybe you need some Anna-biotics"

    3. When he fired back at Oliver:

    Oliver threatens that Marissa will get a restraining order against Ryan, Ryan says "really? what's that like?"

    4. When he had no mercy for Seth:

    Seth tells Ryan he had sex with Summer, Ryan asks how it was and concludes it was bad

    5. When he and Summer had an adorable moment:

    Summer says she can't believe she was ever into Ryan, no offense, and Ryan replies: "none taken, biatch"

    6. When he wasn't exactly good with words:

    Marissa says she loves Ryan and he awkwardly replies, "thank you"

    He wasn't trying to be funny here, but it still makes me laugh.

    7. When he mocked himself:

    Ryan holds a french fry to his mouth like a cigarette and says "whoever you want me to be," a nod to a scene in the pilot

    8. When he had some choice words for Volchok:

    Volchok says Ryan probably thinks he's an idiot and Ryan replies that he doesn't think of him but yes, he's an idiot

    9. When he called Sandy out for being uncool:


    10. When he was self-aware of his old bad boy persona:

    Ryan jokes that he could beat up the usher at the movies for free milk duds

    11. When Seth snuck Summer's pet bunny into a restaurant and Ryan had some tough love advice:

    Ryan tells Seth to get Summer's pet bunny out of there before he ends up in a quesadilla

    12. When he gave Seth a taste of his own medicine:

    Ryan tells Seth not to insult his Journey music

    13. When he did a perfect impression of Summer:

    Ryan mocking Summer: "Cohen, I can't believe you did that, Cohen"

    14. And finally, when he told Marissa he wouldn't have done their relationship any differently...except for one thing:

    Ryan says he wouldn't have done anything any differently, except maybe Oliver

    Ryan Atwood, I love you!!!


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