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    Here's Why This Little Detail In The "Raya And The Last Dragon" Trailer Has Filipino Fans So Excited

    "Is for me??"

    The first teaser trailer for Disney's Raya and the Last Dragon is here, and it looks SO good!!

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    Walt Disney Studios

    The movie follows Raya (voiced by Star Wars icon Kelly Marie Tran) as she sets out on a quest to find the world's last dragon in order to save civilization. Raya is also Disney's first Southeast Asian princess, so this is a BIG deal!

    The trailer already has lots of buzz in general, but there's one detail I'm really excited about: the use of Arnis.

    Raya wielding Arnis sticks

    Arnis sticks originated as an ancient Filipino weapon used to defend oneself, similar to swords. Today, Arnis is recognized as the official Philippine National Martial Art and Sport.

    traditional Arnis sticks

    Here's a cool explainer about how Arnis sticks work!

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    Kali Center

    I'm really excited to see my Filipino culture represented in Raya and the Last Dragon, and a lot of other people are pumped too:

    As a Filipina-American, I am heavily emotional over this trailer for Raya and The Last Dragon. I am so proud of this representation. Using Arnis, wearing the salakot, holding the Moro sword... the different colors on their people. I’m crying. I am so proud.

    Just watched ‘Raya and the last Dragon’ trailer and... HOLY MOLY ARE THOSE ARNIS STICKS? LET’S GO DISNEY 🔥

    raya using arnis is something that can be very personal

    It's SO cool to see Filipino cultural references in Raya and the Last Dragon, I love seeing something represented from my own culture with a brand I love like Disney. Also the diversity in the cast?? They LOOK like my own family, its beautiful SE asian representation so far.

    I can't wait to see Raya and the Last Dragon when it hits theaters in March 2021!