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Mixed Asians, We Want To Hear About How Anti-Asian Hate Has Affected You

We want to hear your story.

Being half-Filipino and half-white, I was never quite sure how to identify when I was younger. I grew up listening to my dad's stories about his childhood in Manila, cooking lumpia and adobo with my titos and titas, and hearing stories from my grandparents about the Philippines.

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However, I also have blue-green eyes and fair skin. Very few people would guess that I'm half-Filipino just by looking at me. I feel proud to be Asian, but I also know that as someone who largely passes for white, I have an immense amount of privilege that would be wrong to ignore.

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The rise in anti-Asian hate has left me feeling angry and upset — I also find myself wondering where my voice fits into the conversation. For instance, I don't particularly need to worry about being targeted myself, but I do worry about my dad and grandparents.


If you're mixed Asian, we want to hear how the recent uptake in anti-Asian hate has affected you.

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Maybe you've witnessed racism towards your family members. Perhaps you present as Asian and are fearful for your own safety. Or maybe you're a mix of Asian and Black or Asian and Native American, and have a unique perspective to share.

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Tell us your story and how you're feeling in the wake of anti-Asian hate. Responses will remain anonymous upon request (or simply fill out this form instead). Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.