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15 Times Eric Was The Best Character On "Sex Education"

We all need a friend like Eric!

1. When he offered some sage advice:

Eric: "wash your hands you dirty pig"

2. When he set Otis straight:

@liveasheroes / Via

3. When he appreciated one of the greatest literary icons:

Eric: "Kelly Clarkson, poet!"

4. When he was Jean's #1 stan:

Eric saying "Your mum is everything!"

5. When he danced with Otis:

Eric saying "We both know that I lead"

6. When he held Adam's hand when he needed it:

Adam asks Eric to hold his hand, he says yes
Netflix / Via

7. When his expression was just too cute for words:

Eric’s reaction to realizing someone has a full-fledged crush on him is honestly too pure

@netflix / Via Twitter: @netflix

8. When he was a supportive best friend:

Eric laughs at Otis getting an erection

9. When he was an excellent musician:

Eric plays trombone off-key

10. When he absolutely killed it in the makeup department:

@sexeducationsource / Via

11. When he was resourceful:

Eric: "I don't have a diary yet but I'll just use the natural organizational skills of my brain"
Netflix / Via

12. When he was a little confused but had the spirit:

Eric stands up and says menstruation is normal and healthy
Netflix / Via

13. When he had his priorities straight:

Eric says he has to go home and try on everything he owns
Netflix / Via

14. When he had impeccable taste:

Eric: "he's basically Ryan Gosling, well done"
Netflix / Via

15. And finally, when he refused to be anything but his true self:

Eric tells his dad he'll get hurt either way so he might as well be who he really is


Brooke Greenberg

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