David Schwimmer Said The Lack Of Diverse Representation On "Friends" Felt Wrong

    "There was not enough representation on the show."

    Friends is one of the most beloved sitcoms in TV history. A lot of us grew up with the show and remember it fondly. But I think we can also acknowledge that there are aspects of the show that don't hold up today.

    Ross asks what his son is doing playing with a Barbie

    The show has been criticized for having an all-white main cast. Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman said earlier this year that she "would have made very different decisions" had it aired today.

    The show's main cast

    David Schwimmer, who played Ross, said in an interview this week that the show should have had more diversity. "It felt wrong that there was not enough representation on the show," he said.

    David added that he wanted Ross to date "women of all races." He said in an interview in January that he pushed for his character to date more women of color on the show.

    However, David also praised some of the more progressive aspects of Friends, like how Ross co-parented with his lesbian ex-wife and her partner.

    "[Friends] was doing some incredible things," David said. "The way they portrayed gay marriage on the show and how we as a family made it work, I thought was great."

    Susan and Carol

    Friends is scheduled to return for a reboot on HBO Max but has seen several delays because of the pandemic. Schwimmer said they're planning to shoot the special in August but will begin production only when it's safe to do so.

    You can watch David Schwimmer's full interview with Entertainment Tonight here.