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    27 Halloween Pictures From The Past That Are Equal Parts Fascinating And Creepy

    If any of these children came to my door trick-or-treating, I would simply throw the whole bowl of candy at them, run back into my house, and lock all of the doors for the rest of the night.

    1. This ghost costume that's literally straight out of 1905:

    a ghost costume

    2. This group of pals on their way to a party:

    A group of people in costume

    3. This tiny trio of trick-or-treaters (try saying that fast three times):

    Three kids in costume

    4. This car full of very alarming passengers:

    People in costume in a car

    5. This pig mask that will absolutely show up in my nightmares tonight:

    A woman in a pig mask

    6. This child who really nailed the "😲" face:

    A child behind a lit-up Jack-o'-lantern

    7. These UTTERLY TERRIFYING children:

    Children wearing masks

    8. These witches who are just casually jet skiing:

    Women dressed as witches jet skiing.

    9. This Halloween party from 1955:

    People in costume at a party

    10. These trick-or-treaters who make me want to just dump the whole bowl of candy and run back into my house:

    Kids in costumes

    11. This masked figure making a very important phone call:

    Someone dressed with vampire teeth on the phone

    12. This group of sheep that gives me the creeps:

    People dressed as sheep

    13. These HORRIFYING parade-goers:

    People in costume at a parade

    14. This kid that I never, ever want to see again:

    A child in costume

    15. This group of trick-or-treaters who just have major "We're coming for you" energy:

    A group of trick-or-treaters

    16. This rather ominous family portrait, circa 1910:

    People posing for a portrait

    17. This apple bobbing photo that just feels...unsettling:

    People bobbing for apples

    18. This casual, unsettling photo opp:

    Photo of kids mimicking a beheading for Halloween

    19. This group of costumers who look like they're staring directly into my soul:

    People in costume posing for a photo

    20. Whatever this is:

    A man and his dog in costume

    21. This group of costumed children, circa 1931:

    A group of kids in costume

    22. This child with a TERRIFYING trick-or-treating basket:

    A little girl in costume

    23. This woman who's just casually dressed as a rather solemn-looking candle:

    A woman dressed as a candle

    24. I can't quite explain it, but this photo that just feels...unsettling:

    People in costume standing outside of a car

    25. More creepy apple bobbing:

    A child bobbing for apples

    26. This version of Mickey Mouse I never want to have to see again:

    A child holding a Mickey Mouse mask

    27. And finally, this group of friends who made me go, "Alright, that's enough internet for today":

    Kids in costume

    Happy Spooky Season, everyone!!!