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    21 Controversial "Pretty Little Liars" Opinions That Have My Jaw On The Floor

    Was Emison an epic slow burn or a toxic mess? Discuss!

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their most controversial Pretty Little Liars opinions. Here are some of the wild responses:

    🚨 Spoilers ahead! 🚨

    1. The show was better before Alison came back.

    Alison returns: "Did you miss me?"

    "The show was better when Ali was 'dead.' Everything felt different when she came back."


    2. Aria should have ended up with Holden.


    "They were so much fun together and always had each other's backs."


    3. Emison was incredibly toxic.

    Alison says she's not into Emily and their kiss was just "practice"

    "Alison spent years using Emily’s sexuality and feelings for her as leverage and blackmail material — I don't think they should have been able to move past that."


    4. Noel Kahn shouldn't have been killed off.

    Noel flirts with Aria

    "He was criminally underrated and barely even on screen."


    5. Wren should have been A.

    Wren and Spencer in Season 1

    "There were so many clues that pointed to him. He deserved to be the villain in his own right and I will die on this hill."


    6. The ending with Spencer having a secret twin was a great twist.


    "I know it seemed out of nowhere, but it was always a bonkers and kinda out there show to begin with. The reveal genuinely took me by surprise. Yes, the British part was weird, but I liked that it was Spencer’s twin all along. It captured the exact reason why people loved the show so much."


    7. Emily was an awful character and made the worst decisions.

    Maya to Emily: "Paige shoved your head underwater and you still dated her?"

    "She was whiny, obsessed with Ali, and made horrible choices. I’m glad they had Ali divorce her in the spinoff."


    8. Alison should have stayed a mean girl.

    Alison tells Spencer she "made all of them"

    "Her character was way more entertaining to watch when she was mean. She was really boring when she became nice."


    9. Spencer and Caleb made more sense than Hanna and Caleb.


    "Haleb was a teenage relationship, whereas Spencer and Caleb got to know each other as adults and their relationship grew organically from friends. I think they worked well together and I never really got the Haleb hype."


    10. Ezra should have been A.

    Ezra reaching for the chickpeas

    "The episode when he went out to buy chickpeas, but already had some in the cupboard...suspicious! That should have been the final clue that he was A."


    11. Mona and Mike were a great couple.

    Mike and Mona kissing

    12. Aria and Ezra's relationship was awful and never should have happened.

    Ella: "This happened while you were her teacher?" Ezra: "Yes"

    "The show glorified Aria and Ezra's relationship right until the end, even after it was made clear he was a predator who knew how young Aria was when they met (and knew he would be her teacher). It was beyond messed up."


    "The whole Ezra and Aria relationship made me so uncomfortable. Ezra should have gotten arrested."


    "I regret shipping Ezria so much as a teen. The relationship was so wrong."


    13. Paige was Emily's best girlfriend.

    Emily says she used to look for guys like Paige, "the kind that would pull me up on stage and get me to sing because I would never do that on my own," Paige kisses her

    "I get that she literally tried to drown Emily, but in my opinion, Paige was still her best love interest."


    14. Aria was the weakest character in the entire series.

    Aria whispering, "Shh" in the intro

    "If she was removed from the story, nothing would have changed."


    15. Alison should have been killed off for real.

    Alison's funeral in Season 1

    "It would have made the series more interesting if they killed her off for real at the end of Season 2."


    16. Aria and Jason should have ended up together.


    "They were perfect together. It was without a doubt my favorite of Aria's relationships."


    17. Emily and Maya's relationship was overrated.

    Emily and Maya argue at dinner

    "I never saw the chemistry between Emily and Maya or what made them 'soulmates.' They just seemed awkward together."


    18. Hanna and Jordan should have gotten married.


    "They should have stayed together. He cared for her so much."


    19. Hanna and Emily were the only good friends on the show.

    Aria blames Hanna for her mom's boyfriend hitting on her

    "Spencer sucked, Aria always put Ezra first."


    20. One of the liars should have been A.

    all of the girls reading A's text after Alison's funeral in Season 1

    "It would have been the ultimate betrayal and a way better twist than some random twin we never knew about."


    21. And finally, the show should have ended after Season 2.

    Freeform / Via

    "It all just went downhill after that."


    Reminder that I, Kelly Martinez, do not necessarily endorse all of these opinions!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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