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Here Are 25 LGBTQ Teen Drama Scenes That Are So Well Done And Prove Why Representation Is Important

"You're not loveless. You're not deviant. You're sensational."

1. First, on Legacies, when Josie told Hope she had a crush on her when they were younger, and Hope just could not stop smiling.

Hope: "You had a crush on me?" Josie: "Of course I did, who wouldn't?"

2. On Ginny & Georgia, when Sophie could see that Max wasn't ready for sex, so she reassured her that there was no pressure to do anything and that she wasn't going anywhere.

Sophie tells Max they can just chill and that she's not going anywhere

3. On Elite, when Omar found Ander at the club and kissed him in front of everyone.

Omar tells Ander their relationship isn't complicated and that kissing him in a club is the easiest thing he's ever done

4. On Degrassi: The Next Generation, when Alex told Paige she loved her.

Alex: "Because I love you you idiot, so much that it scares the crap out of me," kisses Paige

5. Also on Degrassi: The Next Generation, when Riley put his fears aside and proudly kissed Zane in the hallway at school.

Riley kisses Zane in the school hallway in front of everyone

6. On Degrassi: Next Class, when Mr. Mitchell told Miles that his voice as a bisexual writer mattered and deserved to be heard.

Miles: "Why does it matter if I'm bisexual? Why do I need a special spot?" Mr. Mitchell: "Your voice is underrepresented, it deserves to be heard so it can help people"

7. On Glee, when Santana came out to her grandmother as a lesbian and explained how being with Brittany made her finally understand love.

Santana tells her grandmother she "loves girls the way she's supposed to feel about boys" and that she has to stop fighting with the world and just be herself

8. Also on Glee, when Kurt came out to his dad as gay.

Kurt tells his dad he's gay, Burt says he's known since Kurt was three and loves him just as much

9. On Pretty Little Liars, when Emily and Maya said, "I love you."

Maya: "The way I feel about you is crystal clear, I love you" Emily: "I love you too"

10. On 13 Reasons Why, when Alex and Charlie won prom kings together and said, "I love you," for the first time.

Alex: "I think I'm in love with you," Charlie: "I'm confident you are, because I know I'm in love with you"

11. On Riverdale, when Toni told Cheryl that her mother was wrong about her and that she's "sensational."

Toni tells Cheryl she's not loveless or deviant, she's sensational

12. On Love, Victor, when Benji told Victor how he makes him feel like being himself is enough.

Benji tells Victor he makes him feel like he can be himself and that's enough

13. On Euphoria, when Rue helped Jules with her hormone injections.

14. On Sex Education, when Jean assured Florence that being asexual doesn't mean she's "broken" in any way.

Jane to Florence: "Sex doesn't make us whole, so how could you ever be broken?"

15. Also on Sex Education, when Eric told his dad he was going to keep being exactly who he was, and his dad said he could learn "from his brave son."

Eric tells his dad he'll be hurt either way so it's better to be who he is, his dad hugs him and says he's learning from "his brave son"

16. And one last Sex Education moment, when Ola realized she was pansexual and explained what that meant to Adam.

Ola tells Adam she's pansexual, "It means you're attracted to a person not the sex or gender, it's about the connection you have with the human being"

17. On Dare Me, when Beth and Addy shared a passionate kiss in the rain.

18. On Cruel Summer, when Vince and Ben danced together at a club.

bartenders say the club is a safe space for kids and let Ben and Vince dance despite being underage

19. Also on Cruel Summer, when Kate and Mallory kissed in the Season 1 finale.

20. On The 100, when Clarke and Lexa slept together.

Lexa: "Can we talk about something else?" Clarke: "We don't have to talk at all"

21. On Shadowhunters, when Alec finally kissed Magnus.

Alec says "enough" and kisses Magnus

22. On All American, when Patience teased Coop for "blushing."

Patience: "are you blushing? Is the Tamia Cooper blushing right now?" Coop: "You trippin', you know Black people don't blush"

23. On The Fosters, when Jude and Connor shared their first kiss.

Connor interrupts Jude's rant and kisses him

24. On Atypical, when Casey finally let Izzie know her feelings were reciprocated and kissed her.

Izzie says she regrets admitting her feelings because Casey obviously doesn't feel the same way, Casey kisses her

25. And finally, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Willow told Tara she "would always find her."

Tara: "I got so lost," Willow: "I found you, I will always find you"

We obviously couldn't include every great scene — so tell us about your favorite queer teen drama moments in the comments!