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    17 Santana Moments From "Glee" That Made LGBTQ People Feel Seen

    "If it weren’t for Santana, I don’t think I would be who I am today."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which Santana Lopez moments from Glee made them feel seen as LGBTQ. Here are some of their responses:

    Glee spoilers ahead!

    1. First, when Santana came out to her grandmother.


    "It's especially difficult to come out in the Latin community or in very religious families. She did such a good job of showing the fear that you're going to let down the people you love. I cry every time I watch that scene, because I know how hard it is."


    2. When Santana sang "Landslide" with Brittany, and it made her finally realize her feelings for her.


    "It’s a beautiful moment. I cried when I watched it, even before I knew I was bisexual."


    3. When Santana told Brittany she loved her and wanted to be with her.


    "It was the first time I heard someone vocalize what I was feeling — I was angry, confused, and afraid just like Santana was. Naya's acting in that scene was so vulnerable and raw."


    4. When she told Karofsky, "The only straight I am is straight-up bitch."


    "Honestly, it’s a little silly, but it made me feel seen. She’s comfortable with her sexuality and doesn't care if people think she's a 'bitch.' I love her confidence."


    5. When she serenaded Brittany with "Songbird."


    "Seeing such a lovely stripped-down version of Santana simply professing her love like that made me feel represented because that’s how I express my love. No pomp, just love."


    6. When she called out Principal Figgins for his double standards about public displays of affection at school.


    "I think a really defining moment was when Santana called out Principal Figgins about the double standard at McKinley High regarding gay couples holding hands and displaying PDA vs. straight couples. Such a great moment!"


    7. When she confronted Finn after he outed her in the hallway at school.


    "As someone who was outed young and had to deal with all the repercussions of it before I was ready to be openly out, it helped to see Santana deal with it and then go on to have a loving, healthy relationship."


    8. When she realized that she used sarcasm and dry humor as a coping mechanism because she was struggling to accept her sexuality.


    "It helped me recognize that I was doing the same thing. I felt like I learned to accept myself and grow alongside Santana as the show progressed."


    9. When the women of New Directions performed "I Kissed a Girl" with her.


    "12-year-old me genuinely couldn't believe that there was someone pretty singing on TV who was just like me. I still remember that feeling of excitement and disbelief."


    10. When she was afraid to wear the shirt Brittany made for her and dance with everyone else in the "Born This Way" episode.


    "That episode made me feel brave enough to admit that I am bisexual. I was always afraid to do it before."


    11. When she knew she was about to be outed by the campaign ad and cried because her parents didn't even know yet.


    "As someone who was outed, I can absolutely relate."


    12. When we finally got to see Brittany and Santana kiss on screen.


    "Seeing Santana so happy and in love after everything she went through showed me that not everything is pain and rejection. She showed me that happiness and love was possible for a queer girl like me."


    13. When she and Brittany sat down with Holly Holiday to discuss their feelings.


    "Watching her character arc was really important to see on screen. So often in TV shows, queer characters already discover their sexuality long before we meet them.. Getting to know Santana as a character first and then seeing her go through this whole process was really comforting."


    14. When she performed the song "Valerie" as lead singer.


    "Maybe it's not a huge LGBTQ moment, but it really helped me realize just how bisexual I am. Her voice was so good and she looked gorgeous. Everything about it was perfect."


    15. When she accepted that she wasn't attracted to men.


    "It was super important to me that Santana was someone who had previous relationships with men and discovered she was a lesbian. As a lesbian myself, it was really hard for me to come to terms with the fact that I wasn’t attracted to men and that my past relationships didn’t have to define me. Seeing her struggle and come to terms with her sexuality really opened the door for me."


    16. When she was just unapologetically herself.


    "Santana just being Santana was all I needed. A lesbian character who owned her sexuality, was proud, tough, cool, smart, funny, snarky, and strong. It made me feel good about being who I am."


    17. And finally, Santana's entire character arc overall.


    "Glee was the first time I saw any real LGBTQ representation on TV. Santana helped me realize that I was bi. Seeing her relationship with Brittany unfold as she became more secure in her own sexuality helped me come to terms with mine. I can't pick a single moment because it was everything about her character. If it weren’t for Santana, I don’t think I would be who I am today."


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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