Everything Is Bad Right Now, But These Jokes About Minions Are Freaking Hilarious

    "Used to hate Minions, then I Gru up."

    Okay, so...we all know what a minion is right?

    They were first introduced in the animated masterpiece Despicable Me (2010), as Gru's little army of workers. However, they've apparently roamed the earth for millions and millions of years.

    Three minions in winter jackets

    The internet has a complicated history with minions. At first, they were widely beloved and adored by the public. But as time went on, people's minion fatigue increased. The only person who still found them funny seemed to be your Aunt Sharon on Facebook.

    A weird minion meme about doing a push-up and needing chocolate

    HOWEVER. We are now in a new era: the great minion renaissance. The latest Despicable spinoff, Minions: The Rise of Gru, is on track to break box office records.

    Why? Well, probably because of this TikTok trend where people are suiting up — literally — to go see it in theaters:

    Yes, this is 100% real. People are dressing up and flocking to the theaters with their friends to watch the minions on the big screen. Years from now, society will study these TikToks and try to analyze our behavior.

    Given current events, I thought I would round up a bunch of tweets and jokes about minions that I've had the (dis)pleasure of coming across. Here are some of the best:


    cop: can we come inside? me: [knows minions are real because i ran one over with my car in 2019] what's this about officer

    Twitter: @giant_idiot


    minions are directly responsible for every war crime and atrocity in human history


    Imagine being a Prussian grenadier at Jena when a minion jumps out of the trenches and stabs you to death

    Universal Pictures / @bhangbhangducx / Via Twitter: @bhangbhangducx


    used to hate minions then i gru up 😈

    Twitter: @abrxanna


    AMC / @americanamemes / Via Twitter: @americanamemes


    HBO Max / @gryffintea2 / Via Twitter: @gryffintea2


    The movie underpaid theater employee watching the 40th group of teenagers in suits walking in to watch minions:rise of gru

    Lionsgate / @CrunchyFists / Via Twitter: @CrunchyFists


    if Glee was still airing today, they’d have an episode where Sue dresses the cheerleaders as minions to sabotage the glee club and call it Rise of Sue

    Twitter: @terri_updates


    someone informing people about build a bear releases due to fabric surplus from minions run


    this minion only appears in the new one (which is a prequel) and gru is extremely annoyed with him within the movie implying gru killed him off screen before the first movie

    Universal Pictures / @electrotriple11 / Via Twitter: @electrotriple11


    god the men you made to die in wars are sexualizing minions on the timeline

    Twitter: @jakewhomst


    Minions rise of gru gonna be the first movie to make 1 minlion dollars

    Twitter: @Zarinacar


    technically aren't the people in fandoms that like intensely adore villainous character and jump straight to another one when they appear also minions by definition


    Twitter: @jeennifeerv


    Universal Pictures / @Trey_Explainer / Via Twitter: @Trey_Explainer


    if I catch a minion in real life I’m making it smoke a whole pack of marlboro 100s

    Twitter: @RileyJohnSavage


    Sad to report that Minions: The Rise of Gru does NOT pass the Bechdel test

    Twitter: @1stOr3rdPlace


    a person their niece loves minions because she has to


    we’ve come full circle from being obsessed w minions in 2013 to making fun of our moms for their minion facebook memes to surpassing our moms love for them now

    Twitter: @madaleynee

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