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15 Very Gay Tumblr Posts That Made Me Spit Out My Iced Coffee

"The Gay Knight rises."

1. First, this post that will always, always be funny:

2. This painful struggle:

"lesbian: I literally would date you" "other lesbian: what does that mean?"

3. This question that was doomed from the start:

chaoticbard / Tumblr

4. This miscommunication that's way too funny:

"am I the only gay man who likes cars?" "Mater and Lightning's relationship is pretty homoerotic, wait did you mean like actual real cars?"

5. This strangely relatable memory:

"what was your first exposure to the concept of gay people, mine was the gay dogs from Legally Blonde 2"

6. This literal embodiment of "I came out to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now":

7. This sequel I would definitely watch:

"if you ever feel embarrassed remember in middle school I tried to convince myself I wasn't gay by making a compromise to myself to only be gay at night," "the gay knight rises"

8. This post that has major dad joke energy:

"bisexual? you mean you're experimenting?" kicks test tubes and ailen hybrid under desk, "um no what do you mean"

9. This idea that made me laugh way too hard:

10. This post that's kinda unexpectedly wholesome:

11. This A+ comeback:

12. This totally reasonable stance:

13. This post that sure escalated quickly:

14. This piping hot tea:

15. And finally, this post that pretty much sums it up:

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