30 Times "Gilmore Girls" Left Me Completely Gobsmacked

    I'm ready to wallow now.

    1. When Rory showed Emily the shed that she and Lorelai used to live in:

    2. When Lorelai was completely devastated over her breakup with Luke and couldn't even get out of bed:

    3. When Lorelai graduated from business school and Emily and Richard finally showed that they were proud of her:

    4. When Lorelai realized she couldn't go through with marrying Max:

    5. When Rory and Lorelai both broke down because they thought they were failures:

    6. When Rory broke up with Jess at graduation:

    7. When Lorelai told Christopher she couldn't talk to him because it hurt too much:

    8. When Rory was valedictorian of Chilton and dedicated her graduation speech to Lorelai:

    9. When Rory got on a bus and went to New York to say goodbye to Jess:

    10. When, in the flashback episode, Emily found the note from 16-year-old Lorelai telling them she was running away from home:

    11. When Rory slept with Dean while he was married:

    12. When Luke finally wanted to get married, but then Lorelai told him she slept with Christopher:

    13. When Rory finally let herself cry about her breakup with Dean:

    14. When Logan's dad told Rory she wasn't good enough to be a journalist:

    15. When Rory and Logan said goodbye before he left for London:

    16. When Rory accidentally missed curfew after her dance with Dean, and Lorelai and Emily got into a big fight over it:

    17. When Luke and Lorelai had a huge fight after Rory and Jess got into a car accident:

    18. When Dean realized Rory had feelings for Jess:

    19. When Paris got rejected from Harvard and had a breakdown about it on C-SPAN:

    20. When Jess told Rory he loved her, then immediately drove off:

    21. When Lorelai told Emily how she really felt about everything:

    22. When Rory broke down and cried to Lorelai about Logan:

    23. When Jess went to California to find his dad, only to be told he couldn't help him:

    24. When Emily went on a date with someone new after she and Richard separated, but then just sobbed when she got home:

    25. When Dean broke up with Rory in front of everyone at the dance marathon:

    26. When Jess confronted Rory about dropping out of Yale:

    27. When Lorelai and Rory finally reconciled after not speaking for months:

    28. When Emily grieved Richard's death in the revival:

    29. When Rory turned down Logan's proposal:

    30. And finally, THOSE LAST FOUR WORDS: