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    21 Ridiculous "Gilmore Girls" Moments I Can't Believe Actually Happened

    Still trying to process those last four words.

    1. First, when Rory was late to school because a deer ran into her car:

    2. When Rory dressed up as Donna Reed to teach Dean a lesson about sexism:

    3. When Dean built Rory a car for their three-month anniversary and then broke up with her for not saying "I love you" back:

    4. When Dean and Jess got into a bidding war at the town auction over Rory's picnic basket:

    5. When Emily and Lorelai went to a spa for the weekend and Emily accidentally signed them up for a couples' massage:

    6. When Rory missed Lorelai's graduation because she impulsively decided to visit Jess in New York:

    7. When Rory and Lorelai threw deviled eggs at Jess' car:

    8. When everyone thought Jess got a black eye from fighting with Dean, but really he was attacked by a swan:

    9. When Paris didn't get accepted to Harvard, so she had a meltdown on live TV:

    10. When Paris started dating her way older college professor:

    11. When Rory and Dean slept together while he was still married to Lindsay:

    12. When the Life and Death Brigade was a real thing we were supposed to take seriously:

    13. When Lorelai walked in on Rory and Logan hooking up during Emily and Richard's vow renewal:

    14. When Rory and Logan stole a yacht and got arrested:

    15. When Rory dropped out of Yale, moved into her grandparents' pool house, and cut ties with Lorelai all because Logan's father said she wasn't fit to be a journalist:

    16. When Luke found out he had a 12-year-old daughter:

    17. When Logan pulled a Ross Geller and slept with several of his sister's bridesmaids while he and Rory were on a "break":

    18. When Lorelai and Christopher spontaneously got married in Paris:

    19. When Rory and Logan had an affair behind their partners' backs (while he was engaged!!) and everyone acted like it was totally fine:

    20. When Stars Hollow had the most bizarre musical:

    21. And finally, when Rory dropped this bombshell on Lorelai's wedding day: