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    18 Duolingo Owl Tweets That Are Both Hilarious And Horrifying

    Learn French or else.

    Ahh, the Duolingo app. Great for trips abroad, trying to remember the language you took for two years in high school and subsequently forgot, or for a mid-twenties crisis. There's no denying the app can be useful and fun!

    But people have noticed that the Duo Owl is...really determined to make everyone stay committed to learning.


    Here are some of the best jokes about it:


    little known fact: the duolingo owl has the power to singlehandedly stop climate change but it refuses to because you didn't complete your daily Spanish exercises


    [halloween party] my friends: haha look outside the window! someone came dressed as the duolingo owl lmao . super realistic costume too me, a week behind on my norwegian course: oh god no. lock the fucking doors


    when you dismiss that duolingo notification


    Me: H- Duolingo: I killed your parents so now you have no reason to miss today’s lesson


    i see duolingo is fully embracing murder as their brand


    Oh god oh fuck. Just woke up in the dead of night to kicking at my door. I think he finally found me. I haven't practiced Spanish in 4 days. That duolingo bird is relentless. I think this is the end for me. Adiós.


    Duolingo: Do your lesson before midnight to keep your streak! Duolingo: We miss you! Duolingo: It doesn't seem like you're getting our notifications so we'll stop sending them. Duolingo: Well f*** you too then since you're not gonna take this seriously.


    KIDNAPPER: *hits me across the face* nobody's ever gonna find u [duolingo owl busts through the door and shoots the kidnapper] ME: holy shit u saved me OWL: u've got more spanish to learn. u'll die when i say u can die


    jesus christ @duolingo that's one hardcore email campaign


    (the duolingo owl physically emerges from my phone screen and murders me with a knife)


    im going as the duolingo owl for halloween so i can use the handful of french words i know to bully everyone


    jokes abt the duolingo owl being absurdly hostile are funny but really no post any of us make will ever be as funny as the quiet, blistering contempt of the actual “these reminders don’t seem to be working, so we’ll stop sending them” message


    @duolingo The duolingo owl waiting to attack when it's 11:59pm and I still haven't done my daily lesson


    the duolingo owl is a war killing machine. he will obliterate anything and anyone in his path. he will destroy everything he comes into contact with, and won't dare to stop until the blood of everyone who failed to complete their daily spanish lessons is smeared across the globe.



    the duolingo owl when you try to skip a day of spanish



    it's 2025. duolingo has every language from star wars and game of thrones but the yiddish and haitian creole courses still aren't finished. the duolingo owl now holds your family hostage until you practice your daily spanish. you still only know how to say "the dogs wear hats"

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