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    16 Tweets For Everyone Still Not Over Amy Dunne From "Gone Girl"

    I'm not saying I condone her actions, but her "cool girl" monologue made some points.


    if i am killed by amy dunne DO NOT PROSECUTE HER because SHE caught ME slipping!!! that is on me!!!!!


    amy dunne: i am so much happier now that i’m dead. technically missing, soon to be presumed dead. gone. and my lazy, lying, cheating, oblivious husband will go to prison for my murder me:


    amy from gone girl is the only one who could truly defeat joe from you on netflix, she is the hero that universe needs


    if amy dunne can fake a pregnancy test, frame her lazy lying cheating oblivious husband for her murder, and kill count olaf in the middle of a dick appointment then you can at least get thru a day without a breakdown this cancer season noh?


    My dog looks at me like amy dunne in gone girl


    amy dunne was not a villain


    there are two types of women in this world.... an amy dunne from gone girl or a nicole barber from marriage story. now it’s up to u to decide who to show up as.


    me after finding out Amy from gone girl faked her own death and framed her husband for it as revenge for cheating on her


    i’m reporting this tweet to amy dunne


    imagine watching gone girl and not taking amy’s side. that sounds so boring


    writing my research paper for my lit class on how amy dunne is not a villain


    amy dunne watching nick dunne give clues on live television


    no one: Amy Dunne:


    cultural impact: █    █  █  █  _ the cool girl ben affleck’s monologue filmography


    Amy Dunne 66 minutes into GONE GIRL (2014)


    thinking about how gillian flynn finished gone girl with amy dunne saying "i don't have anything else to add. i just wanted to make sure i had the last word. i think I've earned that."