The Stages Of Getting Ready For The "Gilmore Girls" Netflix Explosion

It's gonna be messy.

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But if you're already well versed in Diner a la Luke however, say goodbye to that exercise you've been doing.

Warner Bros.

And by exercise, I mean leaving the comfort of your duvet to stand up and walk to your TV to eject a disc and put the next one in. Hurray!

You'll need to learn to prioritise.

Warner Bros.

Things like showering, seeing people, and convincing your mum that you're still alive aren't that important, when you really think about it.

UNLESS you choose the binge-partner-in-crime route. In which case the decision about which loved one(s) to spend these next few precious viewing months (weeks) with is vital.

And sometimes hearing ONE SECOND of the theme song before you skip ahead will be enough to push you off the edge.

Warner Bros.

Other times you'll dance around your room to it, singing your little heart out. Forgive us Carole King, for we are fickle beings.

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