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    Posted on Sep 22, 2014

    18 Ways Gina From 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Showed Us How To Navigate The Modern World

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back for it's second season and so is our spirit guide.

    1. It's okay to admit that the reality/technology dynamic is challenging.

    Fox / Via

    I'm sorry I texted you when you were sat next to me. I did not realise that you were sat next to me. Be chill k.

    2. Never underestimate the power of your emojis

    Fox / Via

    First language: Bell subcategory. Second language: English.

    3. Don't let anyone stop you from living your rhymes and abbrevs lifestyle.

    Fox / Via

    The Oxford Dictionary updates for a reason. Be a pioneer.

    4. Also: be fun and frivolous with your nicknames. They inform co-workers of your creative nature.

    Fox / Via

    Oh Lil Merm.

    5. Life, like politics, is all about the image you portray.

    Fox / Via

    Crossover idea: can Gina advise Veep's Selina Meyer pls?

    6. Hold on to your sense of sentimental value.

    Fox / Via

    The iCloud doesn't account for the fact your bejewelled Ray J case was ruined when you dropped your iPhone down the toilet .

    7. You should invest in a big bag.


    And have a strong shoulder. You never know when you're going to need a *insert name of electrical device here*

    8. Be realistic about your workload.

    Fox / Via

    You have the same amount of hours in a day as Oprah, sure. But also, you're not Oprah.

    9. Be able to recognise a buzzkill and learn how to most effectively deter them.

    Fox / Via

    Honesty is the best policy kids, or whatever the new repeat verbatim phrase is.

    10. If you're not DTD, fully go with it.

    Fox / Via

    Down To Detox

    11. Be up front with potential partners.

    Fox / Via

    Because Tinder is too exhausting, we know this. *Eggplant emoji*

    12. Make all kinds of important connections

    Fox / Via

    And don't you dare be coy about them.

    13. Embrace the fact that it's reality TV's world, and we're just living in it.

    Fox / Via

    Oh how iiiinnterrestinggg and in no way a lie that you don't know who the Kardashians are, please tell me more you celestial being

    14. Find new and exciting ways to give people sarcastic feedback...

    Fox / Via

    Remember, they're just helpless lil bunnies living life wrong without your integral input

    15. ...Even animal impressions can be insulting if you really try hard enough.

    Fox / Via

    Hey, what's it like all the way down there?

    16. Never hire a professional to do something you can do yourself.

    Fox / Via

    You'll have money left over for... extra pairs of underwear and stuff.

    17. Dance freely and confidently.

    Fox / Via

    Don't let anybody ever tell you that you're not Beyonce.

    18. And most importantly, know yourself.

    Fox / Via

    You do you, boo.

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