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    16 Times That Animals Were More Important Than Black People

    Long before #lionlivesmatter, animal activists have coopted movements to spread the word about the trials and tribulations of American dogs. They also love to design t-shirts on Zazzle!

    1. Two months after teenager Mike Brown was shot dead by Ferguson police...


    1,700 dog rights activists simultaneously occupied their state capitols to rally against police shooting dogs.

    2. Their movement has been dubbed "Paws Up Don't Shoot".


    Facebook groups like "Dogs Shot By Police" have garnered tens of thousands of followers, ready to fight for the cause.

    3. Although the official use of the #doglivesmatter hashtag was pioneered by a George Zimmerman fan page

    4. The phrase "Dog Lives Matter" has become emblematic in the animal rescue community.


    This t-shirt can be yours for $17.99 (and up)!

    5. With an official website that produces viral memes to spread their despair.


    White tears: the meme!

    6. Dog rights defenders are so upset that they can't even breath.

    "I can't breathe" is a phrase embraced by activists whose outrage lies in the use of choke chains on police dogs.

    7. Good thing they have the resources to organize their community against state-sponsored violence!


    Are there any humans in that "victims of police brutality" poster?

    8. In the dog rescue community, there is a widespread assumption that Martin Luther King, Jr. fought to defend the rights of maligned dogs.

    Facebook: akcfamilydog / Via

    "didn't seem to mind it one bit!"!

    9. They often use the same image to showcase quotes that he literally never said.


    Attribution of this quote has been widely debunked; they also sometimes attribute quotes to Alice Walker, depending on their mood that day.

    10. Or quotes that are correctly attibuted, but likely not intended for pigs.

    I think he meant other PEOPLE, maybe??

    11. Because his famous "I Have a Dream" speech was apparently about pit bulls.


    And rodents, too!

    12. Don't forget that they marched on Washington!


    For "pibble" rights!

    13. Did I mention how much they like to make Zazzle shirts?

    14. Because really, when it comes to injustice in America, dogs have it the worst, right?

    15. I think Bree speaks for us all.


    #lionlivesmatter, amirite?


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