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#AccordingToMyMother Is A Mother's Day Gift To The Internets

Gay Son + Born Again Christian Korean Immigrant Mother = Internet Gold.

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Esther Lee knows how to kill two birds with one stone.

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Mom: You were drunk last night.

Daniel: No. Travis just took a picture of me holding an empty skull bottle cause it looked cool and he knows I want to play Hamlet someday…And we’re vain actors who love props and a good photo op?

Mom: Oh. Well, I went to pyuneral today. He was only 57 (read: peep-tee-seh-bhen). Don'tuh die before me. I’ll kill you if you do. Also. Can you get a different haircut?

But like any Mother, she worries.

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Daniel: Hey mom, how was your birthday?

Mom: It was so so good. I went to dhe Big Bear Mountain wid church. Dhey surprising me wid flowers and cake-y. Ober dhe two hundred peoples pray for me. They blessing me. So nice.

Daniel: Nice.

Mom: Another persons birthday too. But head pastor pray for me more and blessing me more.

Daniel: Well, that’s great. Who doesn’t love preferential treatment?

Mom: Prefer-what?

Daniel: Never mind.

Mom: Anyways. Listen. Dhe strongest most powerfully ones who praying for you, dhey say demons are feasting on your soul.

Daniel:…oh. Ok.

Mom: Dhey say dhey make buffet of your spirit.

Daniel: …I see.

Mom: They say-

Daniel: okwellthat'sgreatHappyBirthdaythetrainsheregottogobye.

She worries about her son's social media presence.

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Mom: Dhat looks likey gay commercial on your Facebook.

Daniel: Well. First off, it’s a PSA not a commercial.

Mom: P…S…what?

Daniel: A PSA. It’s a Public Service Announcement.

Mom: P. S-uh. A-yuh? What is PSA?

Daniel: I just said. It’s a Public Service Announcement.

Mom: Why you announcement-ing gay commercial?

Or what is happening.

According To My Mother / Via

Mom: How was first show?

Daniel: You mean Opening Night?

Mom: Mmm.

Daniel: It was gr-

Mom: Dhere is naked in show? You get naked?!

Daniel: What?

Mom: You say butts on Facebook. Butt nudity. You take off the underpanties?!

Daniel: There’s nudity in one scene but-

Mom: So Magic Kingdom is strip show??!! You’re in strip show?!!!

Daniel: …yes, mom. I’m in a strip show.

And what is to come.

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Mom: I have no money. Your auntie no money. She couldn’t pay mortgage dhis month. I dhinking of moving into retirement home. Cheaper dhan apartment.

Daniel: Uhm. Wow. Ok.

Mom: When are you going to hang up being dhe gayhomo so God can make you successful and rich and famous and we can stop worrying about money.

Daniel: …I’m going to “hang up” now.

But at the end of the day, despite their differences, nothing comes between this Mother and her son.

According To My Mother / Via

Happy Mother's Day Esther Lee.

According To My Mother / Via

Daniel: 해피 어머니의 날! (Happy Mother's Day!)

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