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#AccordingToMyMother Is A Mother's Day Gift To The Internets

Gay Son + Born Again Christian Korean Immigrant Mother = Internet Gold.

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His Mom, Esther Lee, is a born again Christian.

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#AccordingToMyMother was created by Daniel to share the love he shares for his mother, despite the cultural, religious and political differences that pull them apart.

Esther Lee knows how to kill two birds with one stone.

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Mom: You were drunk last night.

Daniel: No. Travis just took a picture of me holding an empty skull bottle cause it looked cool and he knows I want to play Hamlet someday…And we’re vain actors who love props and a good photo op?

Mom: Oh. Well, I went to pyuneral today. He was only 57 (read: peep-tee-seh-bhen). Don'tuh die before me. I’ll kill you if you do. Also. Can you get a different haircut?

But like any Mother, she worries.

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Daniel: Hey mom, how was your birthday?

Mom: It was so so good. I went to dhe Big Bear Mountain wid church. Dhey surprising me wid flowers and cake-y. Ober dhe two hundred peoples pray for me. They blessing me. So nice.

Daniel: Nice.

Mom: Another persons birthday too. But head pastor pray for me more and blessing me more.

Daniel: Well, that’s great. Who doesn’t love preferential treatment?

Mom: Prefer-what?

Daniel: Never mind.

Mom: Anyways. Listen. Dhe strongest most powerfully ones who praying for you, dhey say demons are feasting on your soul.

Daniel:…oh. Ok.

Mom: Dhey say dhey make buffet of your spirit.

Daniel: …I see.

Mom: They say-

Daniel: okwellthat'sgreatHappyBirthdaythetrainsheregottogobye.

She worries about her son's social media presence.

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Mom: Dhat looks likey gay commercial on your Facebook.

Daniel: Well. First off, it’s a PSA not a commercial.

Mom: P…S…what?

Daniel: A PSA. It’s a Public Service Announcement.

Mom: P. S-uh. A-yuh? What is PSA?

Daniel: I just said. It’s a Public Service Announcement.

Mom: Why you announcement-ing gay commercial?

Or what is happening.

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Mom: How was first show?

Daniel: You mean Opening Night?

Mom: Mmm.

Daniel: It was gr-

Mom: Dhere is naked in show? You get naked?!

Daniel: What?

Mom: You say butts on Facebook. Butt nudity. You take off the underpanties?!

Daniel: There’s nudity in one scene but-

Mom: So Magic Kingdom is strip show??!! You’re in strip show?!!!

Daniel: …yes, mom. I’m in a strip show.

And what is to come.

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Mom: I have no money. Your auntie no money. She couldn’t pay mortgage dhis month. I dhinking of moving into retirement home. Cheaper dhan apartment.

Daniel: Uhm. Wow. Ok.

Mom: When are you going to hang up being dhe gayhomo so God can make you successful and rich and famous and we can stop worrying about money.

Daniel: …I’m going to “hang up” now.

But at the end of the day, despite their differences, nothing comes between this Mother and her son.

According To My Mother / Via

Happy Mother's Day Esther Lee.

According To My Mother / Via

Daniel: 해피 어머니의 날! (Happy Mother's Day!)

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