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22 Life Lessons We Learned From Troop Beverly Hills

You call this roughing it? One bathroom for nine people? Yes.

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1. How to rough it.

2. The power of a compliment.

3. How to get out of a ticket.

4. To never understimate spy gear.

5. How to face your fears as a team.

6. The importance of understanding your market.

7. How to get through a divorce.

8. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses.

9. How to exhibit self control.

10. The importance of forgiveness.

11. How to work it like Tina Turner.

12. The importance of preparation.

13. How to work out in style.

14. The importance of community service.

15. How to keep your parents grounded.

16. The power of a choregraphed dance.

17. How to throw a pool party.

18. How to make sacrifices for fondue.

19. The power of accesorizing and song.

20. How to work with a bully.

21. How to wear khaki.

22. And why you should never underestimate the underdog.

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