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    The 40 Oz. Is The Most Patriotic Drink In America Leads The Daily Links

    Plus a new kind of Photoshop travesty, the most elegant cocktail of the summer, and the new T.V. show that should make us all reconsider what we are doing with our time.


    Six reasons why the 40 oz. is the most patriotic drink in America—for example: "They taste so good-ish." - [Supercompressor]

    Just Jared

    If you're just entering the world of the internets for the day, here is some news: Solange Knowles physically attacked Jay-Z in an elevator. There's video, and the other characters in this tragedy are Beyoncé and a bodyguard. It's THE must-see elevator thriller of the week! - [Just Jared]

    the gloss

    "V Magazine" thought it seemed like a good idea to PHOTOSHOP RIBS ONTO LADY GAGA TO MAKE HER LOOK SKINNIER (NSFW). - [the gloss]


    Learn to make "The Petite," a warm-weather concoction with vodka, grapes, elderflower liqueur, and hibiscus elixir—New York Russian vodka bar Ariana's AMAZING signature drink—at home! - [DuJour]


    Why do all of these books about Africa have the same cover design? Take a look at this collage of 26 covers that showcase the acacia tree...and not much else. - [QUARTZ]


    Austrian drag queen Conchita Wurst wins the annual Eurovision Song Contest and shows that there are times when Europe can "work" as a far more inclusive place than it currently is. - [BloombergView]

    10 celeb couples that have been broken up for 5 years already! Remember Taylor and Taylor??!?! - []


    ABC commissioned a selfie-themed series. We should all really think about our life choices right now. - [Cosmopolitan]