Billy Joel And Jimmy Fallon’s Epic Live Duet Leads The Daily Links

Plus puppies, a kitty, and a bunny; our guilty celeb crushes; and the alcohol that actually HELPS you lose weight.

Via Refinery29

The top 9 celebs we have guilty crushes on—we know it’s wrong, but sometimes it just seems so right! - [Refinery29]

Rolling Stone

“Star Wars” behind-the-scenes Instagrams reveal Chewbacca’s origin! - [Rolling Stone]


Would you wike to see a wittle wabbit named Wu get vewy vewy cwanky when he doesn’t get what he wants? Of couwse you would!!!! - [HelloGiggles]

Thought Catalog

30 pro tips from a world traveler that are completely crucial and mostly facepalm at the same time. - [Thought Catalog]

eBaum’s World

Watch two little puppies and the sweetest, most patient cat in the world. - [eBaum’s World]


Sugars in tequila could help you lose weight?? We’ll drink to that! - [Women’sHealth]

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